Snapchat Lenses: New Updates

Here are 4 things we can expect to see in the near future:

  1. Lens Segmentation
  2. Face Image Picker option
  3. Snap Marker
  4. Anti-bullying stickers and filters


Lens Segmentation

Snapchat is launching their new Lens 'Segmentation' option, where users will be able to interact with specific features within a snap such as the whole background, the sky or someone's hair.

There will be a variety of segmentation templates to choose from, meaning creators can build their own segmented Snapchat lenses without needing technical expertise or knowledge. Creators can now pick from the following elements that they control within a Snap:

  • Portrait Head
  • Portrait Head with Headwear
  • Sky
  • Portrait Background
  • Portrait Hair
  • Portrait Shoulder
  • Portrait Headwear


Face Image Picker option

Also featuring a new Face Image Picker option, Snapchat lenses will now allow its users to place faces from their phone's camera roll onto any object as a texture.

Previously, Snap users have been only been equipped to make virtual masks from the photos in their camera roll. The new option reverses the approach by implementing still images into the effect itself. Publishers will be permitted to build new animated experiences, to which people can apply their own faces, or faces of friends.


Snap Marker

A new 'Marker' prospect will be available on Snapchat, through which publishers will be able to create 3D and AR experiences. Meaning when a user scans a 2D chosen element a 3D visual will appear in its place, for example a scanning a 2D snap code could make a 3D bitmoji appear. The Marker feature is probably the most advanced of the new tools, also empowering creators to build animations into 2D, real-world objects. This would be a great tool for content marketing amongst businesses and companies looking to promote their services.


Anti-bullying Stickers

Although not considered a lens, Snapchat has begun a new set of anti-bullying stickers and filters as part of Bullying Prevention Month.

Here’s a direct quote from the company:

"We've designed Snapchat to be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves with their close friends and family. That's why we've never had public likes or comments, because they can create pressure to feel pretty or perfect when you're just trying to communicate with friends. Bullies have no place on Snapchat. We are proud to partner with the Ad Council to support Bullying Prevention Month. We’ve created Filters, Stickers, and Snap Ads to raise awareness about bullying, whether online or off."


All these aspects will be a part of the new upgrade for the Lens Studio. And like Facebook's AR Studio tools, Snapchat can expand it’s creative pool and ideas beyond its own, in-house creative team, presenting infinitely more digital effects that are user-generated.

Despite Snapchat losing momentum in user growth it still has the potential to stay relevant, thanks to the platform’s popularity amongst all of its younger users. It was the smart move to make, they took the time to commence a new and more compelling business strategy, before they fall past their rising competition, Facebook.


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