Product Imagery Tips

All you really need is a quality camera, your products and the right background to get started. I have listed a few tips and tricks below to help you out when it comes to taking your own company product shots.


You don't need a camera that costs an arm and a leg but goes too cheap and you'll lose a lot of the quality in the end images that you'll want to keep. Investing in a decent camera will do your business some good down the line especially if you are looking to supply your business with its own internal imagery instead of outsourcing content. Buying a decent camera and learning how to use it is the first step when it comes to snapping some great imagery.

Have a play around with the camera and get used to all its different options until you start getting serious about taking the end goal of product imagery.


Having the perfect backdrop is a vital element to helping you achieve product image brilliance! Take the time to plan what you'd like your shots to look like before you start shooting. Make sure the backdrop compliments the main focal point of the image, in this instance, your product.

For example, if you are photographing flowers you could lay them on a white background to bring out and intensify the colours of the petals and draw attention to them.

Again, experimentation plays a key role in this and not every image is going to be perfect. Practice is key to getting it right.

Photography Tips

Camera Angles  

Right, so you've got the product and backdrop in place, now what? Camera angles can help to bring your images into a whole new light in front of your target audience.

Try shooting from below the subject matter and above, different angles will help the target market to get a better feel for the product they are wanting to purchase.


Even if you don't like every image, don't delete them as most of your shots can be saved when it comes to editing. Maybe the lighting isn't quite right or the composition, a few simple tweaks on your editing software such as Photoshop can change this and improve the quality of your imagery.


Try and vary your angles and shots until you find the right shots you're happy with. If one way doesn't work, then try different alternatives until you come out the other end with some great images that will do your company/business proud.

Louisa Kelly - Institution Marketing 


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