Capturing the Colours of Autumn

Fall may be getting on a bit now and within the next month or so, the trees will be bare without their leaves so there's no better time to go out and shoot some scenic photography before it’s gone for a year!

Below I have listed a few tips and ideas to help you capture the very best that Autumn has to offer.

Still Life  

Take advantage of the ripening fruit and veg in the British countryside such as pumpkins, apples and squash. Try taking photos of different sized and shaped autumn items and products, with a moody light set up to capture the cosy glow of autumn.

Autumn Mist 

Throughout fall, nights begin to get colder whilst the day stays relatively warm creating the perfect conditions for early morning mist.

Set out early morning to get the best shots of mist with the rising sun against foliage and animals waking up to a new day. The mist adds a strange but satisfying effect to your imagery and helps to create added depth.

Using Roads and Paths

The colour of autumns foliage can be a wondrous sight, but you will need something a little more than trees to help with the composition of your photos. The best way to do this would be to find areas of woodland that have a road or path running through them. This will help to draw the viewers eyes in closer to the image and add depth.


Autumn isn’t all just about the colour, think about textures too. There are many different textures within nature around this time of year that make for a few decent photos.

Falling leaves, tree bark, wilted plants and freshly ploughed farmers' fields, are all good examples of different natural textures available throughout Autumn. Go out and explore the world around you to see what unique textures you can find and photograph, the world is your oyster.


Experiment with different aspects of Autumn and see what you can come up with! Venture into the countryside or find examples of city life autumn.

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