Most people think of the glorified Photoshop as being the best editing software out there, so much so that the brand name has become a verb such as 'Google'. I am here to tell you that there are other pieces of software that can do the same or even better, than Photoshop. Read on to find out more!

PaintShop Pro  

This piece of software has basically been the budget alternative of the almighty Photoshop for PC over the past few years. It has notable features such as ready-made project templates, a gradient fill option with improved support for graphics tablets and styluses and has a built-in screenshot function that lets you grab any part of the screen you need with its smart capture mode!

You can also pay a little extra to upgrade to the Ultimate version that adds professional-grade raw editing, automatic photo corrections and screen recordings to the mix.

Cost: £69.99

Platform: PC

Photoshop Elements  

Photoshop Elements is a great alternative to Photoshop CC as it reflects Photoshop when it comes to great quick and guided edit modes. This software doesn’t lack when it comes to keeping up with the power that Photoshop has, it can keep up with the powerhouse. The best part of this program is that it doesn’t require any form of subscription, unlike Photoshop!

Cost: £86.56

Platform: Linux/Windows/Mac


The camera app that comes with your iPhone is not the best when it comes to giving you much creative control. This is where the Camera+ comes in! This application is better by far with its features that allow you to not only take photos but edit them afterwards as well. The software doesn't just limit you to using newly taken photos, you can import your existing images into the app to give them a new lease of life!

Cost: £2.99 iPhone & £4.99 iPad

Platform: iOS


Pixelmator uses the Mac OS X libraries to create a powerful and fast image editing variety of tools. The software also continuously integrates with the likes iPhoto and Aperture as well as iCloud. You are also able to export your works of art to Facebook and Flickr to help you share your work with the rest of the internet!

The software also has many colour correction tools such as Shadows/Highlights, Hue/Saturation and Contrast. Pixelmator also supports the use of filters and comes with 150 of them for you to use as an added bonus! Lastly, when saving or opening Photoshop documents, the layers are preserved allowing you to collaborate effectively with colleagues using Adobe's software!

Cost: £28.99

Platform: Mac


When it comes to editing tools, take your time in choosing the best one that suits you. All in all the internet is full of tutorials and advice on each editing tool that is out there. There also many free applications out there that can be just as good as the paid software. Don’t be afraid to try out many of the options available until you find one that best suits your editing needs!

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