Why Branding is Crucial in Digital Marketing

The real key to branding is to properly gain a thorough understanding of your customers and your target market. Your business should be able to provide them with a product or service that can be seen as the only solution to their problems. The end goal of branding is to have a cult following for your products or services and to have a great amount of credibility and loyalty for your business by your customers.

Your product or service needs to speak to your customers, and it needs to be something they can tell their friends about. That does not necessarily mean the highest quality either, as in some markets a product or service can be enjoyed for its affordability, it’s presentation, or it’s ease of use. A USP for whatever you are selling can be the key to success, and your marketing strategies should be able to highlight your businesses personality to your customer.

Your brand truly does need to stand out from the crowd, especially when there is a lot more competition online than on the high street. When it comes to digital marketing your brand needs to be entirely consistent throughout your website, and your social media. This is why it is important to get your branding correct within digital marketing. The power of branding done successfully digitally is invaluable, and if you can achieve recognition of your brand from your brand's colours, logo, strapline or products then you are doing very well. A strong example of this is Coca-Cola, where there distinct red colour is recognisable anywhere. Content is key and you need bespoke content on your social media feed for products/services, testimonials, video and blogs.

Long-term customer loyalty is hugely important to B2C marketing. which is why it’s important to build a strong online relationship with customers. Many businesses prioritise engagement, by doing effective content marketing and not focusing purely on deals and click-through rates. Creative ideas can go very far, which is why businesses should strive for viral marketing.

Overall professional online branding can be seen as a highly effective technique to increase business opportunities. Focus on your brand and utilises creativity to separate your business from the crowd, without being distasteful or inappropriate.


Dom Goddard

Digital Marketing Specialist at Institution Marketing


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