Avoiding Mistakes

So first off when graphics designing and you are working with titles, subtitles, paragraphs, basically anything that contains text, there's a few tools and tricks that will help them all sit right on your page/design. Quite a lot of the time you will want to line up the title with some other form of text, well on Indesign and Illustrator there are guidelines for the vertical and horizontal cross-sections of the page coloured magenta.

Alongside this, the actual text boxes will show green lines when they are in line with another text box, make sure you wrap the box around the text by double-clicking in one corner of the text box, so the line is accurate.

Utilise your workspace for print. Say you create content that includes a business card for a company, the dimensions of the page are 88x55mm, but it's for print, so you need a 3mm bleed. Make sure you use this guideline when doing the design! Every graphic needs to go past or up to the bleed line which is the red box around the page.

What happens if you don't? You will send the printable pdf file to the printers, and they will only see a mess of graphics all over the page, and they won't be able to tell what you want on the page and what you don't want. The bleed is there for a very good reason; I learnt the hard way...

One final tip on how to make life easier when designing is to make sure you're using the correct software for each part of the design. So you have a stock image that needs resizing to fit the dimensions of your spread, Photoshop would be the best thing to use. Now you need to create a leaflet, you're on InDesign but need a little graphic to go on a page, you should use illustrator to make whatever graphic you need. That is what its there for after all. The point I'm trying to get across is that each software is made to do different jobs, so to get the best result and less mistakes, use them for what they are designed to do.

So to sum up, use the guidelines and use the correct software for the task at hand.

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