Copywoes Issue 3 : When copywriting goes wrong

This time we'll be looking at the importance of Proofreading. Proofreading is an essential part of every copywriter's job and is usually standard practice in the work done. However, sometimes, things can sneak through the gaps especially when pulling those long hour shifts to meet a deadline.


When Proofreading goes wrong, it can be spectacular. Here is our fourth example: A significant Proofreading mistake from a large company.


Mhm, delicious pasta. Wait a minute...something seems a little off with the ingredients. This one is not only a major hiccup in the Proofreading stage, but also had severe repercussions for the company involved.  As reported by the BBC, Penguin Group Australia had to reprint 7,000 copies of the Pasta Bible after this particular error where the proof-reader overlooked a misprint on a single page out of the 150 recipes in the book. Oops.


Luckily for the proof-reader involved in this case, Penguin handled it very professionally. Mistakes do happen, and it is important to note that the more repetitive writing is involved, the more likely an error in proofreading is to occur.


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