World Cup Branding

My personal favourite design for world cup branding was Brazil 2014. It screamed Brazil, it yelled World Cup fever and shouted togetherness, which is every element that the logo should have... no its what the logo needs. As you will see below, it incorporates Brazilian colours and culture by using hands to come together and craft the iconic trophy that every team strive to hold high above their heads. My favourite thing about this design is that it's the first logo that was clean, well constructed and just looked like it belonged. Notice as well that this year's logo isn't too far off its predecessor? The Brazil logo design philosophy stuck which is a first in the whole history of the brand. I believe the Qatar World Cup logo is also headed in the same direction, this is what we needed a base idea that allows for future countries to inject their personality and country into the World Cup but still with a recognisable image, everyone will know.


world cup branding


The newest World Cup branding is similar particular in terms of the logo but in all the best ways. It honestly gives Russia as a nation, colour, life and shows passion. The colours is what makes this logo a winner for me, a royal red, shiny gold trim and a midnight blue truly makes this special. I always say that colour choice is key in any design and Russia's World Cup logo is a solid example of why. We can only hope the next world cup logo is as or more impressive, the bar is set for Qatar.


world cup branding










Thanks for reading this week's World Cup special branding blog (Is what I'm calling it) and let's all hope England can pull something out the bag this time round! Come on Lions!


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