How to use YouTube for Organic Marketing

Write a Descriptive Channel Image Filename

Much like naming your video file, be descriptive when writing your channel’s image filename. Remember to incorporate targeted keywords when possible. Be sure to hyphenate each word in the image filename.

Writing a Captivating Channel Description

Be descriptive and concise. Integrate relevant terms into the copy when possible. This description will help define your channel’s purpose.

Write a Useful Video File Name

When a video is being uploaded to a channel, create a descriptive file name and incorporate keywords you may want to target instead of using a random string of numbers. As a best practice, use hyphens between each word in the filename.

Include Metadata Within Your Videos

There are several key pieces of metadata that will help YouTube understand the context of your videos, improving visibility within organic search and displaying them for relevant search queries.

  • Title and descriptions. – Video titles and descriptions work the same as Google’s metadata. It is important to share the name and context of the video using title and description tags. YouTube allows up to 5000 characters in the description, but it only shows up to 1600 characters in search results. Keep video titles around 55 characters
  • Captions and subtitles. – Because video content can’t actually be crawled, uploading captions gives Google and YouTube copy to read and index.
  • Tags and categories. – Tagging and categorising are two ways YouTube can better understand what your videos are about. Since YouTube cannot watch and understand videos, tags and categories are available to provide a broader understanding of the video content.

Create a custom thumbnail image for your videos.

Both Google and YouTube display video thumbnails in their results. Including a thumbnail image will increase the click thru rate of your organic listing.

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