The Spirit of Storytelling in Marketing Part Seven

Keywords are important

This is where you need to collaborate with the rest of the team. Establish what keywords are important for your brand and make sure to work them into the copy. This can be the tricky bit! Sometimes, the ideal keywords form phrases and sentences that don't make sense grammatically.

Instead of writing to match the keywords, match the keywords to your copy. Write the story, get your point across and then edit and rewrite to fit the keywords into the copy. For example, if your keyword phrase is ‘Doncaster web design’ then your copy might look like this:

“Institution Marketing are the Doncaster web design experts who provide you with the services you need to create that perfect website design.”

Relatively easy, right? Now, what about this keyword phrase. ‘Doncaster Copywriting' That’s a little more challenging to work with your copy. Moving words around is also not a solution if you change the word order on the keywords then you are no longer going to be ranking for them!

Integrate your SEO keywords

Integrating the keywords into your copywriting is what SEO Copywriting is for. It is a speciality service where a professional copywriter writes content that includes a list of given keywords/phrases to boost your websites SEO and ultimately, get you higher in Google search results.

The more keywords your business targets, the harder it is to create content that is relevant and interesting. Limiting your keywords to the areas you can specialise in and become a market leader is just one option you can have when you research your competitors. However, you do not just need to copy the same keywords. Make your own! Get ahead of the competition by introducing more keywords you can target.

Still with me?

Excellent. By now you should have a little more understanding of these concepts:

A good marketing story should include all of these. Implementing them can be tricky, it is not always going to go correctly. This is why not only hiring a copywriter is important you should hire a full-service digital marketing agency who can design, develop, evaluate and adapt like Institution. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer Doncaster copywriting doing the hard creative work for you.  We will work with you, providing training and our expertise to help boost your websites search ranking and tell the story of your brand.

Give us a call on 01302 238 057 and let's have a chat. Alternatively, if you are in Doncaster, we are the local Doncaster digital marketing agency! Situated right in the heart of Doncaster. Find us!

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