What is Conflict?

Conflict is the point at which any story involves a problem, put simply. You tell the tale of a character overcoming a problem from the beginning to the solution. It’s quite similar to the buyer's journey in marketing. Conflict is necessary to create the engagement that you want for your business on social media or various forms of digital marketing. If your potential audience cannot connect with your marketing material, then they are unlikely to talk about it. Remember; Commerce is created by conversation.

So how do we create conflict?

Generate a story that revolves around your product or service providing a solution. Look at your target audience (more on this later) and aim to please, your aim should be to be the solution in the conflict. Conflict is easy to create for certain industries such as sports, insurance and retail but can be difficult for other industries such as banking.

First, create a problem. Mary wants to buy a car to drive to work, but she doesn’t have enough finances raised yet and she will need a driving license. What could the possible solutions here be? How could your company provide Mary with the services she is looking for?

Driving schools, insurance agencies, banks and loan companies would all find it easy to target Mary. A sports drink may have some difficulty; you have to make your product or service relatable to the target market and invoke emotion in the potential customer. This is how you generate engagement, which leads to amplification.

What if you can’t make your product or service relatable?

Then my advice would be to make it memorable and remarkable. Be the best in your field, and make certain that people know it. Be brave, bold and different and stand out from everyone else. All of this pulls back to targeting your prose, which we will cover next time.

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