Welcome back to another edition of the spirit of storytelling in marketing from Institution Marketing Ltd. This time we will go through emotion in writing. Strap yourself in guys and gals; this one is a killer!

So what is emotion in writing? It is precisely what it says on the tin. The writer has to convey emotional connections to the reader. This is a potent marketing tool that a copywriter can employ to create a conversion into a customer from a potential link.

Have you ever seen the emotional advertisements on the web, television or even in print? You know the ones that create a powerful bond between you and the product. A homeless child in the street being brought a bottle of coca cola, a short story showing a boy growing up with his dog only for it to get critically ill; followed by a veterinarian saving the day.  

An example of how this can go wrong comes to mind with the Pepsi advertisement in 2017 where Pepsi tried to emulate the strong emotion around political protesting, giving the image that ‘pepsi’ could solve the problems and connect people.

It did the job. People certainly got emotional! It backfired tremendously, and Pepsi had to scramble to manage the bad publicity.

Don’t be put off! It can also be an exceptional tool for creating conversions. Create engagement and conversation by generating that emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.

How can we do that? Fairly simple. You may remember we talked about evoking emotional connections and establishing a relationship with your customer by using targeted prose and creating conflict.

We do exactly that! If you are a financial services agency, such as a loans company, you want your target audience to believe you are reliable and trustworthy. So, your copy should focus on your success stories, the family behind them and the good you do for your clients. Likewise, If you are a sports academy, you would focus your prose on the success of your students and the personal journeys and testimonials that show how you were a part of that success.

Take a piece of the pie, but leave the rest to your target audience. It is just one of the many ways a copywriter can help your business to succeed. Get that advertisement creating a convincing emotional story, and people will tell it.

Eager to know more? Well, join us next time where I will be discussing creativity in storytelling and what that means for your marketing campaign.

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