Marketing is traditionally viewed by those outside of the loop as a sterile, grey, dull world of the same words and phrases repeated over and over. “Buy now!” “Lowest price ever!” “We are the best!”

Typical marketing spiel that you may sometimes see on the high street, but what does Storytelling actually have to do with Marketing?

Quite a bit actually. Here at Institution Marketing Ltd, we offer a wide range of Creative Writing options including Blog Writing, Copywriting, Editing, and Proofreading. So, stick with me as I walk through the world of Creative Writing at Institution Marketing Ltd for a few tips and tricks of the trade that can help inject a little life and character into your brand.


Ahah! A word you may already know as a professional marketing manager. Surely, you smugly tell yourself, there is nothing that a mere Creative Writer could tell ME about engagement?!

You’d be wrong. Engagement is key to successfully generating return business and is a basic underlying principle of good copy. Copywriting should focus on your buyer profile, be supported by solid market research (preferably primary) and give your copywriter the tools they need to get across a tale that causes the reader to react in an active manner such as clicking on a link, opening a page or contacting the company.

Often this means a call to action must be included in the text. However, a simple ‘buy it now’ is not going to appeal to your audience all the time. Creating a story can generate more engagement with your audience and helps to pull them into the brand, to feel associated with the product or service and therefore to allocate it a higher value.

So how do we generate engagement?

Well, I’m glad you asked prospective writing marketer! There are a multitude of methods you can use including different tools, platforms, and concepts. Social media and video are powerful tools that any marketing team should be using to appeal to their buyers. The big dream is, of course, to go viral, to spread across social media and YouTube like a plague of locusts devouring phones and laptops across the continents as people watch your video. You can’t rely on that however, people's interests change and flow with the seasons and you need to correctly research your market to understand what they want before you can appeal to them.

Amplification is important to get your product or service out there. A good story is made to be retold, and a retold story is generating engagement. Furthermore, to create a compelling story, you need to have more detail. This is where I come into the picture;

Can you guess which of these typical writing elements are important to a Creative Writer in the marketing world?

  • Detail
  • Description
  • Theme
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Tension
  • Action

Did you get it? No? Sorry, trick question. ALL of the above are elements that could potentially be used to draw a reader back to the advertisement, website or another marketing campaign you may be running. I know, you're asking me now why is this relevant Kira? Well, unfortunately, you will have to come back next time to find out!

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