3 Things to do to Make your Blog a Success

Write an SEO Friendly and Engaging Headline

Your headline is the most important part of your post. According to research, eight out of ten people will only read a headline, and won’t even bother to click through to the full post, which underlines the importance of getting it right. Melyssa Griffin, a social media educator, advises that you should make sure to include keywords and phrases right in the headline.

“By adding keywords, you are optimising your post for the search engines. The title of your post is incredibly important for its SEO.”

Include Images

These days, you have to use images. To ensure that you maximise your image performance, you should use visual content that fits the look of your website, and reiterates your visual brand identity. Griffin suggests using templates for your images so that the same fonts, colours and overall designs will reoccur.

You should also consider adding alt text to your images. Aside from assisting visually impaired users, alt text will also be automatically added as the description of an image when someone pins it on Pinterest, so you should “add keywords, persuasive text, and a call to action,” says Griffin.

Optimise your blog content for search

You should also consider using a couple of long tail keywords in your post. Do not use them too often, because that can be considered keyword stuffing. Hubspot also advises that:

“Adding too many keywords does not make for a good reader experience, a ranking factor that search engines now prioritise to ensure you are answering the intent of your visitors.”

But the question is, why utilise specifically long tail keywords? As per Hubspot.

“These longer, often question based keywords will keep your post focused on the specific goals of your audience. Website visitors searching long tail terms are more likely to read the whole post and then seek more information from you. in other words, you will generate the right type of traffic.”

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