Why Is Blog Content Crucial?

Blogs are the perfect opportunity to get creative there is no limit to how much you can write up compared to the limit of social media posts. Now blogs allow you to go into more detail about your services and how you can make the customer happy. Now instead of the formative description of why your service or product is great, tell a story about your product. Write about why the product is a solution to customers based on your own personal experience.

Blogs are important for search engine optimisation

You need to use your top keywords you are ranking for in the blogs, this is because having an insightful blog full of features about your services and the personality of your brand. These keywords will include search terms that customers use to find the services of your business. You can create internal links in your website to different webpages based on the keywords you are using for example a blog about social media platforms you can link that to the social media webpage. Now creating a blog about chocolate cakes for example will mean that you need to rank for the keyword chocolate cake this is where you will need to use the keyword in the right context of your blog as many times as you can.

Blogs should be used on social media platforms

Now blogs can be shared on social media which is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and product awareness. More importantly this provides engagement for the customers to dive into your personality.

Furthermore, blogs can work alongside videos. Simply create a blog and the follow this up by creating a video so that you have two pieces of content that are created through two different types of media which join together for the same purpose.

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