How Music Can Change the Audience Reaction to Your Video

After all, there are some truly great musical scores I can name off the top of my head that have stirred up certain emotions whilst hearing them whilst I watch the scene play out.

The first way that music can affect the audience reaction is actually really simple, in fact I have pulled it off in my college days for filming when creating a trailer for a short film I made, and that is syntactic, what is syntactic? This is where the timing of the action unfolding on screen lines up with the beat of the music, to create a true cinematic masterpiece. This is, as I have already said the simplest kind of match but also the most effective. A good example of this being used in film is in Rocky II where Rocky runs through Philadelphia without missing a beat, quite literally.

The next way that music can affect audience emotion is probably one of the more complex ones, and that is mainly because it is based on associations, if you are not sure what they are, hang on a minute and let me explain. The one major extra referential association in western culture is that major keys are happy and minor keys are sad, angry or frightening. A good example of this being put into practice is when John Williams utilised it when creating this score for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Onto the next way and that is through Intrareferential association, now what this is to put it into its simplest form is when one piece of music is repeated, whether it be an identical repeat, or a slightly faster or slower repeat, in order to signal the arrival of a character or a set of characters.

Now, there are plenty  of different examples for this one but I am going to go off of two of the more iconic, one that is iconic to pretty much everyone since it was released in 1975 and one that I find to be an incredibly iconic score, and that is the Jaws theme, which I am sure by now everyone has to have heard at some point in their life, and the Avengers theme first launched back in 2012. Which has since become one of the most iconic themes in the superhero genre going.

So, that was 3 different ways that music is able to affect us emotionally when it comes to films, after all I am sure there has been an iconic scene or two, or ten or more that have been made iconic simply due to the music. Join me next week where I talk to you about more basics for Premiere Pro.

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