4 Ways to Generate Leads for your Small Business

So, we start out with creating high performing landing pages, to drive an action you want from your ideal customer, make sure your landing page has all of these elements. The first of these of course is a headline, you want to ensure that the headline will grab the attention of your customers, otherwise they will immediately just click off of the website never to be seen again. Secondly, you need the copy you have written to have at least two clear calls to action. Which leads me onto the next point, that being that you need these calls to action in prominent spaces and lastly, you need to ensure that you have compelling design on your site, you need it to be able grab the attention of your audience immediately.

Next you need to host a purchase driven webinar, hosting a webinar with the aim to sell your product or services whilst educating your audience at the same time. By adding value and solving their problem, your audience is more likely to receive your message willingly. Plus, you will be able to capture their data for targeting them with messages later.

Up next, utilising product or service explainer videos. People are more likely to engage with your product or service if there is a video explaining how it works and the benefit it adds to their lives. By using video, you are making it easier for your customer to make a purchase decision. But, you always must make sure:

  • Keep it short, under 60 seconds is ideal
  • Repurpose and reuse your video content is as many ways as possible to get the most value from it
  • And make sure it has a clear call to action

Lastly, you need to make sure you create and email nurture campaigns. There is a huge opportunity to build brand awareness for your SME, which in turn will help to drive leads. By carrying out nurture campaigns, you will be able to nudge your customer to complete a desired action. And here are a few email nurture tips:

  • For each email in the chain ask: what do I want my customer to do and feel?
  • Direct your customer: have clear calls to action throughout
  • Use templates to speed up delivery

So, that was 4 ways you can use content marketing to generate leads for your small business.

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