What is Content Marketing?

A copywriter creates writing that is written to the reader to make them take action through calls to action etc and is used for landing pages, email campaigns, sales pages, infomercials, leaflets, etc.

In traditional marketing, these two fields were very separate but often these days you will find copywriters who are also content writers.  Combining copywriting technique with content marketing results in readers taking action, opting in, signing up for newsletters and sharing your website.

Poor copywriting can be the downfall of websites. No matter how good your content marketing is, your website traffic will be insignificant without good copywriting to compel and attract search engines.

So what is great copywriting?

Headlines that grab attention, hook a reader and draw them into the opening paragraph. Content that is built for the target audience and builds up trust, brand awareness and brand authority.  Readers expect content that is relevant, valuable and worth their time. Google will penalise websites that are not relevant such as 'click bait' articles, and while you may get more traffic, ultimately, you lose out in the long run.

You can get great quality content by outsourcing your copywriting to an agency where articles and blogs can be created for you. Content can be tailored and crafted specifically for you and your target audience, supported by custom graphics and optimised for SEO purposes getting you a higher ranking on the search engines.

So, if you would like to learn more about content marketing, make sure that you check out our content marketing page, and get in touch with us today, for all of your digital marketing needs.

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