5 Types of Visual Content you Should Consider

This list will no doubt get you thinking of ways you can incorporate more visuals into your approach.

  1. Eye Catching Photographs – When it comes to eye catching visual content, you need to show the behind the scenes of your brand as this will help to put a face to your brand. You also need show off your product in action as well so that they know what the product can help with. As 93% of people say images are the #1 deciding factor when buying products.
  2. Inspiring Quote Cards – Use your brand’s palette, type style and aesthetic to tailor it to you, this is because they are very easy and fast to create, as well as being highly shareable over lots of social platforms. But you also need to make sure you use quotes that reflect your brand values.
  3. Strong Calls to Action – Did you know that 70% of businesses are totally lacking any calls to action. This will help to influence your page visitors to do something “buy now”, “click here” or “follow us on” etc. You should then use hierarchy, colour and imagery to grab people’s attention. And lastly, it would also be great for promoting sales events, offers and any other exclusive content.
  4. Interesting Data Visualizations – You should always design your data to reflect your brand. You also need to communicate important facts and figures to audiences much more quickly. They can be maps, charts, graphs, diagrams etc. this will lead to 40% of people responding to visual information better than plain text.
  5. Branded Images – Use imagery that reflects your brand’s unique selling point. You can therefore capture your brand’s values and “essence” via imagery, colour and composition etc. you will then start using detailed and branded images can help you gain 67% more audience attention.

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