These are inquiries we often hear at Institution Marketing Ltd. Clients come to us with a good, well-established brand and business asking for some help with the content of their website, social media or Linkedin. Most businesses are often too focused on existing work, customers and systems to spend the time or money to employ a full-time writer, as that can be expensive. So, we offer them two solutions:

First of all, have you considered hiring us? We not only offer Copywriting, Blog Writing, Proofreading and Editing we also offer specialist services such as SEO Copywriting to tailor your website's content, strengthening it to support your brand's identity online.  You can contact us (needs a link) to schedule a friendly session today, and we can help your business to grow its identity. Check out our full range of services here!

Secondly, here are a few fresh creative writing ideas to help generate content for your marketing team.

Write in a different style

Changing the style of your writing can feel fresh, new and interesting. This can add an extra zing to your work and help you to tackle it from a different angle. Using the first person view? Try third. What about the second person perspective?

Think outside the box and let it lead you towards creative solutions.

Examine an Object's Journey

When you are trying to sell a specific product, it can be difficult to be different. Why not try something else? Take your product, for example, a phone, and examine the journey. Write about how it got there, where it’s been, what it’s seen.

You can get creative and apply emotion to the prose as well. What if it had feelings? What dreams and aspirations would your phone have? This can help you to market your product to new people and existing customers alike.

Write five lines about your office

Why do you want to do this? Simple. Spruce up the office with a sprinkling of prose and see what you can do. Perhaps your colleague is a pirate captain, or maybe the boss is a Jedi master? Just a few ideas to go on and it's only five lines. Write about anything in the office and see what you can create.

So how will any of the above help me with my business?

Writing is an art, much like any other form of creative crafting it requires that you put in the time and effort to improve. Often expanding your horizons and writing outside of your field can help you to grow as a writer. At the very least if you do not gain any inspiration from these ideas, a break from the market writing can help you to relax and ease back into the workload.

We also recommend tea. Lots of tea.

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