There are a few reasons for and against banner ads in particular. If you are planning to put together a marketing campaign for your business, why not consider adding the use of this style of ads within your campaign. I will provide throughout this blog, a list of (in my opinion) reasons for and against this ad style to help make that decision a little bit easier...


One reason, in particular, is that banner ads are widely considered as the most visible advertisements online. This would be mainly down to the fact that they are on almost every page of the internet and usually contain a highly eye-catching use of imagery that attracts other users attention.

They save the company and publisher time as all that is needed to create a banner ad is an inserted line of code, the company's website link and an interesting image to go along with it. Far less time than a written advertisement!

The main advantage of using banners is that they can be placed almost anywhere online to be viewed by a larger audience, compared with say Facebook advertisements that are restricted to the one social media site. You can, therefore, target specific audiences by posting your banner on certain webpages. This can intern help to vastly increase your website traffic!


If you would like to increase the appeal of your ad, then you may need to employ a graphic designer to do the work for you.

With many ads being scattered across the internet, some sites may become cluttered with them. This is what gives them a bad name as they can make a site look messy if there are too many ads.

Banner ads may increase your traffic flowing through to your website, but not all of the traffic will be filled with potential customers or clients. In this instance, your investment might become wasted, but if the campaign is measured and watched correctly then this shouldn’t cause much of an issue.

Whether you like it or not, banner ads show no sign of decreasing. You can either take advantage of them and join the bandwagon or just miss out on potential marketing benefits.

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