Within the social video platform, many businesses are utilising the large benefits that come with using YouTube as a means of advertising.

Other than setting up a channel and creating video content on YouTube, there are other means of advertising. Through the use of paid Google AdWords, you can have them targeted to be shown within YouTube videos.

The popularity of video consumption has been on the rise for a long while now. However, to many businesses, the concept of advertising on a video platform is an unexplored one. Unlike the more traditional means of advertising via radios, TVs or even via the use of print, running an ad on YouTube will allow you to connect with a much wider audience and help you pinpoint your ad to specific audiences. Google's AdWords for video platforms makes it simple and easy for all sizes of businesses to develop video campaigns suitable for YouTube use.


Cost – This form of advertising is largely affordable for most sized businesses with the use of Google AdWord's flexible Pay-Per-Click/View system that allows you to set weekly budgets and help you determine the maximum amount you would like to pay per click.

Share-ability – With YouTube's vast online community and over 80 million videos on the site, why wouldn't you want to start your marketing campaign with YouTube?! Every video within the site is shareable, the more people share videos around, the more chance your ad is going to get viewed.

Adjustability – Google AdWords gives you the options to tailor your campaign so that it will better suit the target audience you are trying to appeal to. Regularly view your figures around your campaign to help you find out what is working and what is not appealing to your audience.

Durability – With Google AdWords, you can set and establish the start and end date of your campaign. This is a large benefit to using Google AdWords for your campaign as other advertising campaigns usually require an expiration date.

Measurability – One huge benefit to YouTube advertising would be the ability to measure the success rate of your campaign. You have FREE access to analytic reports which help you to determine the number of people who have seen your ad and the number of new customers and where they have come from.

Setting your Google AdWords campaign to be viewed on YouTube is a great way to spread your business's name efficiently throughout the digital world and help you to gain the business that you strive for!

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