Video continues to grow popularity and accessibility perfect for your brand's digital marketing plan, the options of animation videos, tutorial videos, time-lapse videos, interview videos are some of the tools that video has to offer! The importance of video is vital as now customers look for videos to decide on the information and entertainment purposes of their purchases. Furthermore creating videos about your products is a great way for your customers to get a real look at what they are buying as you get to see multiple angles of the product and this will grip the audience and therefore improve the views and customer engagement.

With 65% of visual learners, there's never a better reason to promote solutions, services and products through video. So make sure you take up the option to add video to your marketing plan as you could be losing out on your competitors or you could have that one giant step ahead of them with the power of video.

Websites is a great plan to put your videos to work as your customer traffic will be able to view the videos and that video may be the difference between them leaving your website and purchasing an order. Your website is the centre of your customer traffic for sales, so to enhance potential sales having video will likely increase the conversion to order, especially if there is a consistent quantity of videos that have the quality to really grab the customer's eye and provide a solution to their needs. Often than not video will have a more positive impact on the consumer rather than if they read a piece of text as it's more engaging and is straight to the point.

YouTube is the perfect platform to broaden the reach of your content, YouTube receives more viewers than Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, YouTube’s platform is so effective that you are guaranteed to find an audience of loyal customers as long as you provide solutions and effective information on your services and products. One billion people visit YouTube each month globally, So the chance to expand your audience and amplify your B2B connections and projects looks like a no brainer. In addition, your business website traffic will grow from YouTube links within your videos and on your channel page which means if your channel is full of engagement and content is frequently being uploaded and shared out then no doubt your website will benefit with more sales from this.

Always make sure that you link the videos you have produced on multiple social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to increase the visibility and let's be honest you want more people to watch these videos that's the purpose of making them really. End of the day this is for your target audience for the customers of your website, for the potential new customers. However, you must also ensure that your creativity is constantly flowing through your marketing plan as this will be the future of content marketing.

Finally is this suitable for a small business? Absolutely costs of production has declined in recent years and is still declining still to this day, However, all you need is someone that is decent with a camera and someone that knows how to use editing software within your own business and you are up and running the creativity and content plan is yours just remember the video needs to relevant to your target audience.

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