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First & foremost write a script your audience will be engaged to follow & ensure you have someone to read it to you before you give the green light to record, this is beneficial as then you can grasp an idea of where the speaker or even you will likely to stumble on. Try not to waffle always try to stick to short sentences that focus on key points which are easy to the ear of viewers to receive and digest information.

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Secondly, you need to post your video onto a video-sharing platform such as YouTube as putting these videos on your website is simply not enough as you need to increase your brand's SEO , also improve brand visibility in front of a larger audience. In addition adding video to YouTube simply creates a platform to share your content & link the rest of your social media platforms. YouTube really is the video sharing powerhouse so make sure to maximise the platform as much as possible with your current & future projects. If you do publish videos on your website use a playlist. So before you distribute your video content always ensure you give it a strong platform to be viewed.

Now always make sure you add relevant keywords within your descriptions & metadata. Use relevant tags in your video's settings & titles to rank your video higher in the search engines. Furthermore, the video will then be connected with your target keywords & become more visible online due to the content searches from the audience.

Moreover, push through video notifications in your email subscribers box with a link to the video whether it's on YouTube or your brand's website, this will alert your targeted & loyal audience that they have new video content for them to check out. Essentially this gives your brand a platform to receive feedback which can also lead to video content improvement & have more potential reach.

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Now there's a wide variety of videos that you can create & it will depend on your brand values, the content can be case studies, topic tutorials, product demos. This can be created through a voiceover with footage of the product & include key facts, or have a speaker in the video for the explanation of the product for example. Time lapses, interviews & product montages are also more features for your video content. Maybe a documentary on a recent success of your business? Maybe a snappy song promoting one of your products?

Finally, keep your long term goal in mind as every video you create for your website & YouTube video should have a purpose. Please avoid judging video success with views as your content will never improve, always look for the new idea, the next video innovation. In addition, this will be a call to action to direct viewers of your target audience on the pathway of their journey through the brand.

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