But when it comes to creating a video strategy – and one that is particularly suited to your marketing plans throughout your funnel – video isn’t a one size fits all medium. In other words, different types of video excel in different stages of the process, and different areas of the journey require different video characteristics, like length or production value. Some videos, like those created especially for social campaigns, will be early-stage content that requires higher production assets, whereas others, like product demos that are targeting leads closer to purchase can often get by with lower production value.

So, with all that said here are 5 different types of video that I believe any b2b organisation can utilise.

Explainers – Explainers provide a high-level overview of what problems you can solve for customers

Funnel Stage – Awareness

Production Quality – A High Production Quality is 100% necessary

Optimal Length - The optimal length for this kind of video should be around the 2-minute mark after all you’re showing them how to overcome an issue that their business may have.

Promos & Awareness – With this type of video you want to promote marketing campaigns, product launches, events and other content assets

Funnel Stage – Awareness

Production Quality – Yet again, a high production quality is necessary

Optimal Length – The optimal length of a promo video is around 1 minute, after all, all you’re doing is promoting your services to other businesses, not necessarily giving them the full cake, just a taster.

YouTube – Through utilising this method of video we believe that you can attract viewership on YouTube and drive conversions to your website

Funnel Stage – Awareness

Production Quality – Once again, we are looking at a Hollywood, blockbuster level of video quality

Optimal Length – Yet again you want to be looking at about 1 minute for this type of video

Vlogs – A Vlog is simple, its kind of like what I am doing here, only video….you can share video-based blog content for both your content marketing and SEO

Funnel Stage – Yet again, it’s at Awareness

Production Quality – You can tone down the quality this time around, as opposed to having to make the next Dark Knight as long as people can see what is going on you’re good

Optimal length – The optimal length for this type of video has got to be at least 3 minutes

Social – With videos on your Social Media you will be able to drive engagement, brand awareness and sharing via social media

Funnel Stage – Have a guess…. you probably guessed right its awareness

Production Quality – This time you want to be able to make it look excellent, so I recommend you go out ensure the camera you’re using is at least Full HD, maybe even 4K

Optimal Length – Again around a minute of footage should do you

So, that was my blog on 5 different styles of video that you can utilise when creating video for your business.

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