Most of the platform's users are male (71%) with 59% of users being between 18-29. If your business's target audience fits these demographics then Reddit might just be the perfect tool for your business!

To help prevent spammers from potentially overloading the site, the creators of Reddit included the use of a system call Karma Points. This system allows its users to gain Karma through the comments and links that get up-voted by others within the community. If a user spams posts, their posts will get downvoted causing Reddit to begin limiting how often a user is able to submit content.

One of the benefits to Reddit is its small community pages created by other users to bring people together around a wide variety of different interests such as different films and hobbies. People can share their opinions regarding a variety of their interests within these small communities.

Another benefit of Reddit is that you can create news and calendars easily! These can be used to inform your followers of any upcoming events or even upcoming product release dates. Your customers and target audience can benefit from being shared information as this helps to improve customer relations and can also help to improve your business in the process by helping gain new potential customers and help to retain returning ones.

This also makes sure that your audience is always kept in the loop and are immediately updated with any important news when they log onto Reddit.

Reddit can also allow you to perform 'interviews'. This lets your company interact with your current followers and ask them questions and give advice on any related issues. This is an excellent way of again, helping to retain current customers and will hopefully attract the attention of other users to come and join in!

Things to remember, Reddit users hate spam and in doing so, this could get you a ban. Make sure your content is different and individual to give you a good chance of standing out whilst keeping spam to a minimum. Don't submit links just to your website, mix it up a bit and include links to relatable blogs or other site content that you think would best interest your readers.

In conclusion, creating a thriving community takes a lot of time and perseverance, but if your company/brand revolves around gaining reviews and feedback, then Reddit is the perfect platform for you. Reddit is perfect for small businesses looking to grow their brand and set up a community! And finally, keep your spam to a minimum to lessen the chances of your account becoming banned.

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