Ranking high in the search engine is crucial to get more traffic to your business. Writing a blog allows you to provide fresh content for the search engine, by blogging frequently, you give google and most of the other search engines more content to index which allows you to plug in all those keywords so your website can rank higher in the search engines. Ranking high in a search engine is important if you want consumers to find you first, consumers will tend to go for the higher ranked pages over the lower ranked ones.

Showing a personal side to your business is as equally important to show your corporate side. Blog posting lets you show a personal side of your business that your customers and consumers wouldn’t be able to see through traditional marketing techniques. Blogging gives your customers a sense of personality through your company and lets them feel comfortable as well as personally connected with your business. Whilst you’re getting free PR the customer is getting a feel for what you do and how you do it all through the words of the blog.

Even if your business is small, you can still build trust with customers and other business within your sector by providing your valuable, professional information if your blog posts. In time, your business blog could become a ‘go to’ source for helpful and expert content. Creating informative blogs will eventually lead to higher customer conversion rates. This is important for smaller businesses looking to get their foot in the door in their industry and gaining credibility so they can compete with their larger competitors.

The main key to a good business is good a customer relationship, so when it comes to blogging, it allows you to connect with the people who visit your site. The main example of building this in a blog is asking a question either at the start or the end of your blog post. This then allows the customer to comment on the question you asked in the comment section, which then gives you the opportunity to reply and build a conversation. Replying to a customer makes them feel valued, gains them more trust and gives you an insight into what your customer wants.

There is nothing more painful when a potential client asks multiple questions and when you provide them with all your answers for free they don’t buy from you. This is also known as being ‘shopped’ and your blog can be used to stop this from happening in the future. Creating a blog post on frequently asked questions is a great way to direct people so that it saves your time and allows you to solidify yourself as an expert.

With the little effort and very little expense, you can increase your credibility, boost your search engine rankings and build your customer relationships with blog writing, so it seems a pretty obvious opportunity ever small business should take. After reading this blog will you be creating one to develop your business into a strong industry competition? Please be sure leave a comment and tell us your opinions on blog writing!

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