Studies have shown that if your company has a good visual appeal it can be seen within 50 milliseconds. This basically means that designers must make a good enough impression to make you want to buy a product within 50 milliseconds. Think of your design as a handshake, the first greeting when two people meet for the first ever time. We make snap decisions on a person straight away, the same will work for your business’s design. A design tries to communicate who you are and what your brand does within a second.

When you first start out your business your goal is to become as successful as you can be and creating a timeless brand is at the top of your list of goals. If you define a timeless brand as a brand that never must make any stylistic changes and can always remain the same, but it doesn’t happen like that. Design trends, technology and new techniques can prevent your attempt at creating a timeless brand. A timeless brand is one that stays popular and in the public eye as much as it can, so yes design will be your best friend when coming to create a timeless brand.

Trends are a thing that can come and go within a matter of days, months or some stick around for even years. It is the same in the design industry, trends come and go, new styles got popular for a short and long period of time. Capitalising on trends is good to appeal to a younger audience due to the younger generation are more likely to latch onto the newest trends on social media and other platforms. Embracing trends will get you more noticed therefore increasing your numbers of new consumers and customers.

The chances are when you started setting up your business, you searched long and hard to establish what and who your target audience would be. As well researched and thought through your demographic may be, finding them and targeting that market can be proven difficult. Design can save your day if your design appeals to the audience you aim for then they might just look at your products a little bit more than they would off if your design was completely off.

Consistency is one of the most important features when it comes to brand design and is the key to a successful brand in my opinion. To achieve brand consistency, always use your logo correctly and stick to your brands colour scheme. Sticking to the brand's colour is the most important without a doubt, be strict on your designer when it comes to this. A consistent brand in unforgettable and will gain you more brand recognition. An inconsistent brand is forgettable, due to you not picturing a certain logo, colour or image when someone says the brand name.

Now you have read this article, have you learned to understand the important of graphic design? Graphic design can be the difference of your business making it big or flopping, as dramatic as it sounds its true! Please leave your comments down below and give your opinion on graphic design too, I’d love to here!

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