Tapping into the rising popularity of video content, LinkedIn has added the option to their mobile app, giving users another way to build their personal brands and connect with other professionals via video content. And given the wider adoption of video across the web, it’ll no doubt prove beneficial, particularly as video communication becomes the expectation, what users are increasingly looking to when seeking content.

So, what can you use LinkedIn video for? The most obvious use is to speak directly to the camera, Q and A style – in fact, that’s how LinkedIn first started with their video option, testing it with platform influencers. But if you don’t have the status of those high-profile users, and people aren’t asking you questions, there are various other ways you can use LinkedIn video. So, here is a list of our top 5 methods to increase your LinkedIn reach by utilising LinkedIn Native Videos.

Share Projects – Upload Videos that highlights a completed project. Use visuals showing contrast such as before and after shots or “behind the scenes” shots. This demonstrates your capabilities and helps decision makers pull the trigger faster as they can visually grasp the process.

Create Quick Tip Videos – Shoot live videos offering a 1-minute tip. LinkedIn is a business platform so all tips should relate to professional growth. Be consistent on how often you post and remember your target audience as this will position you as a thought leader.

Tour your Office – Show off the great aspects of your space and what makes your workplace unique. Involve your employees to increase employee engagement. Displaying your offices on LinkedIn is a great tool for recruitment.

Promote your Services – If you have a new product or service, use the LinkedIn Native Video option to promote it! 75% of executives prefer videos over text. Reinforce your brand and highlight your services to stay ahead of the competition.

Interview Experts – Inviting experts to answer a few questions on video demonstrates your expertise and builds a large network of industry leaders. The experts will also promote the video resulting in higher reach.

So, that was my quick blog on 5 great ways to utilise LinkedIn’s native video option, I hope this was informative and you learnt something today.

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