Whether you are new to TripAdvisor or a long time member, I have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks that you can use to boost your business' appeal and help you keep the rate of obtaining bad reviews down.

Be Patient and Polite

If you get any bad reviews it may be quite tempting to react emotionally, but it's better for you and your business's image if you keep your cool and act politely and professional when responding to any reviews especially the negative ones. Remember that since TripAdvisor is such a large reviewing site that not just the person that posted the bad review will see your comment, but a lot of other users will as well. The calmer you respond the better your business comes across as!

Quick Response

Whether the review is good or bad, it is important to respond as soon as you see a review pop up. This quick call to action shows how attentive and receptive you are to your customers’ feedback. To help you prevent slow responses, make sure you assign an employee to check your TripAdvisor account on a regular basis to make sure no review goes unmissed.

Distribute TripAdvisor Cards

You may not have heard of it, but there Is such a thing as TripAdvisor comment cards for you to hand out to your customers/guests. These little cards can be quite handy when you want to get your business noticed. Just simply personalise your card design and order away! The best part is that your first 250 cards are free!

Display Your TripAdvisor Awards

TripAdvisor regularly hands out awards to popular and highly rated businesses with badges such as 'Certificates of Excellence'. Make sure that if you are lucky enough to be honoured with one, to add it to your business's website so that other users can notice them. If TripAdvisor recommends you then more than likely, more people may want to stop by your business, due to TripAdvisor being a highly trusted review site.

TripAdvisor also awards physical versions of the awards so that you can display them around your place of business for your customers to view, and goes a long way in establishing your business’ credibility.


One of the reasons why TripAdvisor is so trusted is that it has a zero-tolerance policy on fraud and fake reviews.

Remember to stay on top of replying to reviews and consider encouraging your customers/guests to write about their stay on TripAdvisor to help promote your business even further!

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