To help make sure you stick to the right path, I have listed some tips and tricks that I feel are essential I getting the most out of your website.

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What do you wish to achieve?

What is your website's goal? Make sure that you start off with a goal and plan in mind to what you as a business, are wanting to achieve by creating the site in the first place. In general, most businesses use their websites to; help establish their brand, build up their customer base, sell their products and communicate information to their customers. Making sure you understand your business's objectives is key to a successful website!


Creating a brightly coloured website that looks fun and inviting is not always the right option. Websites with simple themes also fair well when put in front of their target audiences. The trick is to keep in mind your target audience and design your site around them! For example, a business that sells toys would be more likely to have a bright and colourful theme across their site to appeal to young minds.

Tip: Make sure that your chosen theme stays constant throughout the entirety of your site. This will ensure your site looks professional and well organised in front of your clients.

Brand and Message

Your brand name and message mean more than just a simple phrase and logo - they are how you communicate with your audience, show what you offer and why someone should invest in your company. If your website cannot capture what you are about and what you stand for within a few seconds, chances are that your visitors and potential customers will have moved on without wanting to read on.

Ease of Navigation

Don’t waste your visitors time with a complicated navigation system, because chances are that they will leave your site having gotten frustrated. Including a simple navigation system is always the better option. See Tree Frogs review on the importance of navigation HERE.


Above all else, make your website unique! Standing out from the crowd is a great way to attract new visitors and potential customers to your site. Don’t be afraid to try out new and creative designs as this could benefit your website and image later in the future. Anything bland or boring within a website is usually forgotten quickly, so make your website a memorable place for your visitors.

Did you know?: On average a user will visit your site for about 3 seconds to determine what your website is about. Failure to show them this will result in them abandoning the search and leaving your website.


To summarise, make sure your website has a purpose/goal, make the site interesting and unique to outdo your business's competition, create your site with your target audience in mind and make sure your website is easy to navigate to help keep users interested.

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