When looking at other designer’s work, find inspiration and don’t copy, for example, you see a beautiful design that shouts beautiful and unique at you. Add it to your Pinterest board and keep adding work similarly and work that you. Once added take a few key features from that design and add it to yours, but do so very uniquely and make sure it doesn’t look like you have stolen artwork. Bare in mind graphic design is all about your own style, that’s how you will grow and get more noticed, making a collection of inspirational designs should help you with your preferences. For example, if your mostly saving infographics, base your style and start creating them.

The key feature to becoming a great designer is communication. As a designer, your goal will be to visually communicate a message to the correct target audience, whether you’re creating a whole new brand or a simple advertisement, communication is key. You cannot communicate the right message if you don’t spend time asking questions and listening to what your client must say because they know exactly who they are aiming for. Listening to your clients can take a while and can be quite painstaking if they are demanding, but I would encourage you to brainstorm questions to ask to speed things up and send regular updates of the design so they can provide you with feedback.

You probably started out graphic design to put your creative knowledge to use and make a few quid whilst you are at it. Ahead of everything else a graphic designer needs, is experience in the industry. If you are not experienced enough or don’t have much work to show you are. Helping a friend by taking on a free project every now and then will gain you experience and allows you to do your best work, but free projects tend to take up a lot of time and be frustrating. While this isn’t always true, through previous experience I’ve found people you value your work are often the ones who will pay for it. But experience is key.

One of the coolest things about graphic design is that it’s ever-changing. They are always new tools, tricks, plugins and trends that everyone must learn to keep up with and as a creative person, I know we all love to learn new things and we get bored of everything being predictable. Continuing to learn new things and keeping up to date with other designers and learning from them is important so you can be the best you can be and have as much knowledge as possible in the graphic design industry. Another example of learning more is to take classes, they are some free ones or some paid ones but they are all great to learn new skills!

When you invest all your time, energy and creativity into one project, it is very easy to get attached. Getting attached isn’t always a good thing since it makes you sensitive from receiving constructive criticism. However, criticism is very necessary to make your work stronger and more advanced. I know this notion of being open to good, hard feedback is easier said than done, I dread opening an email from your client with feedback in it. It’s hard not to take feedback personally when your job in your creativity. The main key is to remember you are not designing for yourself but for your client, you are being hired to perform a service and the difficulty comes with balancing your design skills and aesthetic work with your client’s needs.

Design is mostly focused on you and the customer communicating to make a masterpiece, so if you take a board my tips and tricks you should be able to have the best relationship with you and your client. After reading my tips which one do you find more useful and will you be using any of them? If so be sure to leave a comment down in the comment section below and tell me which one! Thank you for reading.

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