Final Cut Pro is a video editing giant, this editing software has helped certain filmmakers editing huge movies like The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Apple Inc developed this software and has given it several noticeable features, these include an impressive user interface, very useful keyboard shortcuts and a whole load more. Although the software comes at a price of $299, it is worth every penny. Another downside to this software is that it is only compatible with Macintosh, but if you are a Mac user who is looking to get into video editing I certainly recommend this software.

Sony Vegas again is a video editing powerhouse, the price reflects the features though, costing a huge $599.95. Can I say it’s worth every penny? No. Although it offers some of the best features in the video editing market, no software should cost that much, unless you are an experienced video editor. If you are a beginner and want to jump into the deep end, then sure download the software. It offers powerful effect, support through iOS devices and stereoscopic 3D editing to name a few. It also offers support for 4K video and an enchanted audio control. Although it is only available for Windows, if you want to be a professional, Sony Vegas Pro is the one for you.

There are plenty of video editing software’s for plenty different platforms, but Lightworks is the only editor that can be supported for Windows, OS X and Linux. It is a strong contender for one of the top video editors on a budget ass well with many key features. It is completely free of charge, but if you like the software you can upgrade to the pro version which comes at a one-time charge of $250, which is reasonable for the amount of software you get. A few of the features consist of, dedicated keyboard to enhance video editing experience, multi-cam editing and an impressive set of real-time effects that will come in handy once you have learnt how to use the basics of Lightworks. I overall recommend this software to start out on because it is free, simple and very easy to use the basic features.

In the modern day’s people are vastly biased to software with good recommendations and popularity. Adobe Premiere Pro is a vastly popular, timeline-based video editor that is available for both Windows and Mac. As it is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, you will be able to integrate other software such as After Effects and Photoshop to produce your top-notch video project. Key features include masking features and transitions. Although it is one of the best video editing software’s available to today’s market, it will come at a price, around $20 is the price you will have to face. To pay this yearly can be a lot, but if you want cancellations and trials are available to see if you like Premier Pro.

For beginners, simplicity is key. Windows Movie Maker is very handy if you want to create simple videos without using much of the system resources. Its ultra-simple Interface is a huge help to beginners who are just getting their grips with video editing. Movie Maker will help you add transitions, add tracks and even export to windows compatible media format. It only comes as a windows software, which is a bad thing if you are on a Mac since it is a gem. If you would like to use Movie Maker it is completely free of charge and is a simple but very effective piece of software.

iMovie is an IOS and Mac video editing software only, which obviously comes from the Apple Inc. iMovie can help you with video editing even while you are using an iPhone, iPad or any Apple IOS based product in that case. Some of iMovie’s greatest features include transitions, a drag based interface and the iMovie theatre which allows you to view your movie onto your Apple TV. If you would like to use iMovie, a great tool for beginners, it will come at the small one-time price of $14.00. It only allows output and input for QuickTime compatible formats but does allow HD support.

Pinnacle Studio is a hugely popular video editor for Windows devices and is from the same developer. With drag and drop video editing, timeline-based editing, up to 6 tracks and DVD authoring. Pinnacle Studio has ensured one of the top positions in the video editing industry for people looking for an affection software for windows. It is supported by many output formats including DVD, MPEG-4, MP4 and even QuickTime. For this underrated and quality piece of software, you will be looking to pay around $59.95, which is reasonable for software and features you will get. Although it may not be easy for beginners to get to grips with Pinnacle Studio, it is a very good software if you are committed to learning.

Camtasia is one of the most effective video editors for beginners. It has a separate tool for capturing video and audio which is an added extra in the software and is very useful. It is another timeline based interface and is known for managing multiple clips and has a stack full of enhancements and effects. Although it comes at a hefty price of $299 it is worth every single penny, this software can also allow you to make motion graphics, music tracks and animated backgrounds. Another great feature of Camtasia is that it automatically allows you to upload to YouTube and Vimeo straight from the software.

Video editing is a crucial part of modern-day marketing and if you are inexperienced with video editing, then getting your foot in the door now whilst it is booming is crucial to boosting your social media game. After reading this blog and taking note of these software’s, will you be downloading any? Which seems to be your favourite? I personally recommend Camtasia for beginners but for experienced video editors, I recommended Sony Vegas. Comment in the comment section below of what software you will be downloading if you will be! Thank you for reading.

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