To help improve your editing skills and keep you on the right track, I have put together a few tips and tricks below.

Camera Angles

When editing your content make sure you have in mind where the audience would want to be looking at during different points of dialogue. Where would they be wanting to look? Having this in mind will play a big role in which camera angles you choose to put into the final edit. You are choosing angles that help recreate the moments that went on within the past of the room in so that others can get a sense of involvement.

Watch Body Language

A speaker's thoughts and words are best shown throughout their body movement. Everybody has a different rhythm to their voice, if you pay close attention, you can match up shots that compliment their movements and speech pattern to best suit each moment. It will provide a natural rhythm for your editing and help keep the audience enveloped within the speaker's words.

Keep Things Moving!

Unfortunately, users tend to have a rather short attention span and will switch off if the video is not entertaining enough. One simple way to avoid this is to use a wide range of varied angle shots so that the users gets a sense of involvement and engagement.

Cut Between Scenes

There are a few different ways in which you can cut between different shots and scenes. One of which being is by simply cutting an action. Cutting on a gesture will make the scene cut seem almost invisible.


Make sure you go through the entire video and check for any missed mistakes such as missing speak, fumbled words and long pauses. This will help to cut down your video length to a more manageable size and make sure that your audience only gets to see the best content.

Take a Break

Lastly, editing can be a long winded process which anyone can tire from eventually. To make sure your best ideas are flowing during the editing process, make sure that you take a break once in a while to refresh your mind.

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