In a previous blog, I recommended 8 amazing video editing software for beginners, you can check it out by clicking HERE. Picking the right video software is a lot like picking a future car. They all do the same thing eventually, but some don’t have the features or preferences, you might prefer one above the rest. When choosing a software, it is very important you choose one that you like and are comfortable using, this is so you can start off learning the basics then move onto more advanced features. Once you are comfy with the whole software you are on the road to becoming a pro video editor!

When it comes to professional video editing, adding a good music track over the video is the most important thing you can do. David Lynch, one of the most innovative directors in the world, once stated ‘Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound.’ Ask any video editor you know, they will say it’s easy to focus was too heavily on visuals and lack of the audio. The way around this problem is to sign up to any royalty free music provider, even though they cost money, they produce the best music for any film or video, no matter what genre.

Whilst it is easy to watch stuff on the big screens, most of your video production will probably be watched on devices such as iPhones, iPads and Computers. Another very important tip you need to know to start your journey to becoming a video editor is the real and proper way to export a video for the web. The main goal when exporting a video for the web is to create the highest quality video that you can and possibly end up with a smaller file size. Frame Rate, Bit Rate and Resolution are the 3 main factors that determine how large your finished video size will be.

Another important tip you should take on board to start your video editing career is colour correction. Colour correction is the process of getting your video footage to a colour baseline. No matter how good your video footage looks once you have recorded it you will almost always need to do tweaks to the footage to give it a consistent look throughout. All the major video editing software already has colour grading tools built in, which you can use to perform the most basic colour correction. However, if you download colour correction bundles, which may cost you depending on what you chose, you can go more advanced and make your videos look more professional.

The main thing to take away from this article is to remember as a video editor you are also a story teller! There is so much more to video editing than cutting up footage and throwing an audio track onto it. It’s an opportunity to take your viewers on a journey. Whether you are editing a short film project you’ve been working on or putting together a video for a local business, the whole point of you making that video is to get a story across to the viewers. Every cut, every transition, needs to fit into the theme and make the story in is each individual way.

Video is very important in today’s society, and many use it to develop their brand's social media to make their small businesses one step ahead of the game. Although I am writing this blog from a business standpoint, video can be great for everything, including, personal family videos, making YouTube videos and even messing around with a camera with your friends! After reading this blog will you be picking up video editing and giving it a go? If so be sure to leave your opinion in the comment section down below. Thank you for reading.

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