As well all know, social media is becoming more and more intertwined with people's lives with each coming year. Marketing online opens up a whole new and large audience for you to target your campaign against. There are steps you can take to help max out your reach and leads that you receive from this marketing method...

Create a Plan

Simple yet not everyone does this. It's no good jumping into the deep end feet first, careful planning and preparation will enable you to get the most out of your accounts. Simply put, if you can't answer the questions 'Why are you on social media?' Then you are not ready to pitch your ideas to the entirety of the internet. Start putting together a plan in writing that you and your team can refer to if needed!

Consistent Posting

If you send out one Tweet or Facebook post per day … that isn't going to cut it. But on the other hand, you don’t want to spam your followers. This falls back to your plan. How many posts are you wanting to send out per day? What kind of content are you wanting to post? Etc.

Remember that your followers are likely following hundreds of other profiles so it is important that you stay active and relevant by posting more frequently.

Social Media Management Tool

If your posting out content the manual way then stop! There are management tools out there that will post your content out into the wild web for you.

Meet Edgar and Hootsuite are two examples of different tools that you could consider using but there are many out there you just have to find one that best suits your business. They allow you to publish content across multiple platforms, schedule posts in advance, view all of your social media feeds from a single dashboard and help you track and measure your results!

First load the content onto the management tool then simply follow the steps (depending on the management tool you use) to schedule up your posts ready to be sent out. Your posts will then be sent out at different set times per day without you having to lift a finger!

Post Images

Studies show that the human brain tends to remember forms of media such as imagery more than simple blocks of text. This is all the more reason to get posting more imagery to your social media accounts. This will help your followers remember certain information better such as if your company were to attend a certain event, you could design a flyer or poster to post to your accounts to get people interested. The use of imagery is another good way to catch the eyes or other users who may end up following you.

Pay to Play

Don’t be afraid to pay to play! Facebook and other social media platforms usually have an option to pay for advertising. Facebook will allow you to 'boost posts' for a small fee. This will get your posts seen by more people due to your post being visible on other users feeds that share a similar interest to your pages content.


It takes a lot of effort into becoming a noticeable brand online, but if you stick to it your visibility and engagement will increase earning you potential new customers. Success doesn’t happen overnight...

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