A common misconception of graphic designers is that they use highly complicate and very expensive. Even though this sometimes can be true, more than likely it’s not and more than half the time it is the complete opposite. By keeping to 1 or two fonts your graphic will look a lot more professional and a nice contrast of fonts that work together will allow your design to appear simple but bold.

Do not be afraid to have a blank design, no not blank out in the sense of spacing out. Don’t be afraid to leave white spaces in your design because sometimes less is more. When it comes to non-designers who are starting out it can get cluttered with unneeded images and text all over the place. Keeping it simple with the main image and a light font will do the trick very nicely.

Keep all your texts and images aligned. If this is not done so your graphic will have layers and text scattered all over the document. This will make your graphic look untidy therefore making it less eye-catching that a neat tidy aligned images. Snappa is an online based software which allows you to drag items in and aligns your images. Proper alignment is an easy and the most basic way to give your graphic a professional and sophisticated look.

Unless you are learning how to design for personal enjoyment, you will probably end up designing for your friends and family members who need little bits and bobs. Never forgot that ‘who’ you are designing for. This makes you create something for the set audience and what your audience would want to see is what you would tend to aim for. A dark, creepy and dingy looking design wouldn’t be the sort of thing that you would want to have a design for an upscale, high priced product. The same applies for light colours, cartoons and squiggly lines, you wouldn’t use these for a mature adult audience.

The use of shapes can either go two ways when it comes to designing on Photoshop. It can either go down the route of a clean looking rectangle behind the text with lines separating the text. The other route it can go down is an untidy, messy and quite frankly unprofessional use of shapes, by this I mean the overuse of them, with rectangles, circles and start signs hovering in every inch of the graphic.

Before this article did you ever think the graphic design could be so easy? If you will be using any of these tips please let me know down in the comment section below! I hope you benefit from the tips I have given you. Thanks for reading.

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