For much larger companies/businesses, they tend to have room to spare to involve things like small gymnasiums and workout areas in which their workforce can release tension and stress of the day. But for those businesses that are on the smaller side, having an onsite gym might be a little bit of an issue.

The truth is, you don’t need anything fancy or large scale to get your workforce up and about. One cheaper more reasonable idea is to purchase a table tennis/ping pong table.

They don’t cost as much as you would think and will provide your employees with a place to unwind the stresses of the day!

One benefit to having table tennis within the workplace is that it is a great way to release any tension and stress which the working day may have caused. Maybe you have had a run-in with a tough client or had a pile of work that you’ve had to tear through throughout the day. Grab that bat and vent your frustrations! Getting away from your desk for a little while is definitely a good way to clear your head and help you refocus on the tasks you still have left to complete.

Table Tennis is also good for you mental state as well! This sport improves your hand-eye coordination and has been proven to help reflexes and fast decision making. The sport also helps stimulate the aerobic respiratory system and brain function with minimum exertion! The game's effortless play is mesmerising to watch and play. You may be thinking you're just playing a simple quick game, but in reality, you are training your brain to think more strategically and improve focus.

Table tennis is also a great way of meeting new people and getting yourself noticed, especially within slightly bigger firms. Winning against your boss and other colleagues will not only make you feel accomplished but is an easy way of getting yourself noticed to people higher up within the business and will get you connected better with your business. Teamwork is also another big aspect which table tennis can help improve as colleagues battle it out in a doubles match!

In conclusion, table tennis is definitely a great way to have fun and distress yourself from all your hard work.

If any of you are within the reaches of Doncaster, why don't you come on down and challenge us to a game or two!

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