If you are lucky enough to have no competition, then this point isn’t for you. However, if you are like most other mainstream business, you have created your own unique and better version of an already existing service or the product. It is worth your time to check out other businesses in your surrounding area and in your industry. This can provide insight to what target audience they are shooting for, if it’s completely different to yours then you’re in luck if it's similar push your marketing to the best you can and provide your customers with a better service.

The worst thing you and your business can do is to assume they understand who their customers are. Instead of assuming you can compare your selling points and consumer research. You should also identify differences between what your primary research and your initial assumptions about your target audience are, this may help you a lot. One of the main keys to finding your target audience is to listen to what your customers must say and see what they think your audience is and what they think you are aiming for.

Your current customers who are buying products from you are your existing audience. Understanding who they are, where they come from and their buying patterns can reveal a lot about your business and give you the difference between your current target audience and the demographic you are aiming for. Analyse what elements of your product or service and your marketing strategy have in common with your already existing audience, then decide if you should use this to milk more sales or shoot for a new target audience.

If you dig deep enough into your demographic, it reveals multiple layers of variety. If your product is targeted towards the younger generation, the younger generation will have a wide range of characteristics. Some may be in the younger teens, some maybe in the early 20s, a target audience of the ‘younger generation’ may not be specific enough. You need to think more critically about what members of the younger generation and what area they are from etc.

Finding your right target audience is the most important thing you need to use for your business to succeed. The importance of finding your demographic is greater than what you can ever think, basing your marketing campaign around your target audience and aiming it towards then is the best way to go about it, this is because your audience will see your advertisement and if it appeals to them you will more than likely get a like, follow, share on your social medias or even in the best case a sale. If you enjoyed this blog please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and drop a like, thank you for reading.

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