The first key to becoming an expert in social media for your business is you need to interact with people! It’s called ‘social media’ so be social with your customers, other business’ or even local social media influencers. If you are talking at people instead of talking with them and promoting yourself too hard because most the time your followers will choose to ignore your post or even unfollow you on certain platforms. Social media is also great for customer service so interacting with customers about their feedback or complaints will give your business a personal feel.

Facebook are always changing their algorithm so unfortunately, you will have to pay if you want people to see your post on your business page. Whether you are ‘boosting’ your current posts or setting up ‘dark posts’ the results that you can get from Facebook advertisements are a huge game changer. The tiny amount of £10 can go a long way, increasing your reach from 50 to 5000 in a matter of days. This will create new business and build you a firm customer base with the people who see the ads. You will need to mix and match to see who you are targeting and who is best for your business, but it is a tool worth using.

Consumers are much more likely if you are posting your products with photos and videos, rather using only text. Always use photos and videos when it is possible, however, remain business standards and try to keep a similar theme throughout the media you post. Be sure to take as many photos as possible, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to post them, just simply snap away with your iPhone camera, although if the budget is there hire a professional photographer! Trying to use some Photoshop skills may be a good idea too, this is so you can put a logo on your image to give it an extra appeal.

Free stuff is the key to everyone’s hearts, running deals and competitions in return for a follow or a like is an amazing way to create awareness that your there and a great way to interact with your already made customers. Whilst giving away think what people would want and what offer would make people stop scrolling to enter that competition? If the rules of the competition are like, share and tag a friend then the amount of organic reach will grow massively on your page. Make your competition appealing so that people would want to enter and advertise the product you're giving away like you would normally advertise a product.

Research around your local area and try find social media influencers, including bloggers, newspapers, journalists etc. These are very influential and seen by a lot of people and people pay a lot of attention to what they say. A lot of the people who read their stuff, are people who you need to try and reach out too! By getting local influencers on your side and interacting with them may get you the occasional share on your social media page, which allows you to reach out to new customers and build a stronger customer base.

After reading this blog will you be upping your social media game for your business? If so what will you do to make your social medias better? Make sure to drop a comment so we know what is best for you! Thank you for reading another blog, make sure to read our other blogs and give us some feedback on how to improve!

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