Although it may not be the key to you making millions and millions of pounds, providing value in the form of discounts or coupons on your page will keep all of your followers interested, which will also convince them to like your page and interact via different forms. Your regular content can be exciting but remember it is all about driving sales and not just making your followers laugh, posting a discount on your social medias will drive higher sales and might just increase your online following.

Facebook is usually not the best place to post a high or dense numbers-heavy content, you can get around this by posting infographics. An infographic is an interesting statistic full image, these are easily shareable, digestible and is appealing visual content for people who don’t want to read plain text. This is one of the best ways to inform your customer about your product or industry and in a way, that isn’t overbearing and boring. You can also choose which parts stand out on the graphics for information you know your customers will be interested in.

The best way to grow your Twitter is to tweet consistently, staying relevant by Tweeting is the best way to do it because it will obviously increase the likelihood that you will show up on your followers Twitter feeds. It also shows your followers and potential new followers that you are active on the platform and allows you to space out your content. Using tools which will automatically tweet your tweets on a schedule is a great way of staying consistent when you are away and have no means to tweet at all, they also allow you to see your previous Tweets engagement and shows you what tweets aren’t doing so well.

One of Twitter’s most unknown features is Twitter Polls. They are one of the most engaging features and are easy for followers to interact with. Although options are endless, being creative with your polls is very important, you could include letting your followers make decisions on what item they want to go on sale next. If you don’t use polls already then play around with them and track the positive engagement that it will bring to all of your social media.

When scrolling through any social media, one of the most common things I see from brands is that they talk to other users that are a bit too customer service-y. Why don’t you try mixing it up a bit, try responding with GIFs, images and funny videos? Not only do customers love this, it also feels more personable as well as this it also will increase your chances of getting a like, retweet, follow or even getting a shout out from the customer. This is great to do because it’s fun and will increase your brand's awareness.

In one of the previous tips we have touched on discounts and coupons but we have never touched on giveaways. Instagram is another great platform to run your competitions or giveaways on. Why don’t you try partnering up with other brands in your industry and offer a prize of some of the best products? This is a great way to grow both your brands at the same time, sharing a customer base and gaining more exposure on social media. I personally recommend a photo contest, this is so the winner knows what they are winning and gives you more content to share in the future.

Whilst using YouTube, adding an intro to your video makes it immediately noticeable to watch company the viewer is watching, it also helps establish the name of your brand for new viewers who may not be too familiar with your channel. Having an outro on your video featuring all of your social handles and links to your other videos will gain you more exposure on your other social medias and more views on previous videos. Make the use of annotations by adding them to your intro and outro so the viewer can interact.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform on the whole of the internet, with this in mind they are loads of ‘YouTubers’ making money and content for their fans out there. Paying a YouTube personality to do a collaboration between your brand who has a similar target audience. If they make a video on their product and link your social medias in the description you are bound to gain a lot of interaction. For example, if your product is a snack, get your YouTube partner filming themselves making it and then trying it for the first time and get them to give them an honest opinion.

Starting a Facebook live campaign is one of the best ways to market your business via social media. Interacting with your fans in real time adds a layer of honesty and personality to your marketing. Streaming a live question and answer session with your fanbase allows your customers to get to know you as a person and your business. Facebook live can also be used to show new products, this can be done by showing sneak peaks of the products to your audience, driving their interest in your brand.

All marketers should know by now that social media isn’t just any old platform we can use as a megaphone to advertise our products. We are very much so responsible for creating and maintaining communication and connections with our customers. Doing this will strengthen our brand and keep the customers and new consumers around. Responding to your customers’ complaints, concerns and appraisals on Facebook will make your business feel more honest and personal to the customer if you are speaking to them. Avoid being defensive to complain, use the complaint to resolve the issue and problem, try using the bad situation into building a new brand opportunity.

Social media is a great, cheap and reliable platform to advertise your business. I hope the tips I provided you within this blog are helpful and that you can benefit from them. If you do you these tips, be sure to tell down in the comment section below and tell me which ones you will be using. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog.

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