To make sure your business's account stands out amongst the sea of others, SEO should be your number one priority! Below I have put together a list of tips to help guide you through some key points to help your business stay afloat.


Make sure that your profile is fully optimised! Fill in all the details relevant to your business and include a brief description regarding what your company is all about. Give your audience a snippet into your line of work and what you can possibly do for them. Within your description, make sure that you include links to your other social accounts and your website, as this will help increase your traffic.

Tip: Make sure to also include a large bunch of relevant keywords within your description, as this is one of the ways to increase your SEO largely.

Verified Account

Simple yet effective, making sure your account is verified will give your account and posts more authority in search results within the platform.


Within each image you post, make sure that you include a strong description to go along with it. Again make sure that you use keywords relating to your business's targeted subject matters.

Tip: Avoid sounding too spammy as the description of your post serves as a caption. Don’t include too many hashtags either as this will also make your posts look messy.

Install Pin It Buttons

Another simple way to increase traffic flow to your Pinterest account is to add Pin It buttons to images on your website. Encourage your website visitors to Pin your content through your website. This will interlock your Pinterest account with your website and help to increase your SEO and CTR (click-through-rate). The more good pins you get the better your authority and the higher your posts will rank.


Add links through to your Pinterest account on as many of your website's pages as possible and also on your other social accounts. This will greatly help increase the chances of gaining followers and publicity around your products and services that your business offers!


Make sure that you include a bunch of relevant keywords within each aspect of your profile and posts to help boost your SEO, and promote your account through your business's other social platform accounts and also through your website.

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