One thing to think about is your website's usability. What is website usability? Well simply put, this comes down to how easy the website is to use for other users. Make sure that your site is fully optimised for ease of access and does what it is meant to!

Why does the usability of your website have anything to do with SEO? This all comes down to search engines such as Google, who reward websites that are user-friendly as well as being rich in keywords. Your SEO ranking will also improve depending on the time other users spend within it!

I have put together a few tips to help guide your business along the right path to SEO success...

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Relevant Content

One important thing to remember is having relevant content embedded into your website. Useful content will help keep users engaged with your website and help them to stay embedded within your pages for longer. Another good reason why you should make your content as interesting and engaging as possible is that users may want to save your content for later and bookmark certain pages from your site. This is another way of increasing your SEO!


Content may be a huge key to a successful website, but none of it is relevant if the information is difficult to read or uneasy on the eyes. Make sure that your content is laid out in an easy to read fashion. Simple fonts and colours also make a huge difference when it comes to reading the content. If your content doesn’t flow and is hard to read, users may find the content unusable and abandon your site.

Image Optimisation

A quick and simple way to improve your SEO is by attaching keywords to your images file name! This helps search engines by signalling relevance to them.

Page Loading Speed

Did you know that both Google and Bing take loading speeds of websites into account in their website ranking algorithm? Users today expect everything to load as quick as possible, so even within a few seconds more of waiting time, the user may abandon hope and leave the pages of your site.

There are many ways to help increase your websites loading speed, one of which being image sizes. Decreasing the size even just a little can make a huge difference of some loading times, especially if your website has hundreds of images.

Mobile Optimisation

Since April 2015, Google has started to penalise sites that aren't mobile-friendly. This could be a huge disadvantage to your business if your site is not fully optimised. With each coming year more and more, users are accessing the internet via the use of their phones. Making sure your site is optimised for mobile use should definitely come as a priority.


SEO takes time to start generating results, but with a few pushes in the right direction, your business will be well on its way to achieving its goal!

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