Boards are one of Pinterest's main features. This tool allows you to either 'pin' other users content onto your own boards or, add your own content to your boards for all your followers to view. When using Pinterest for your business, make sure that you put the correct content into each board, such as having a board for décor, make sure all the content that is being pinned to the board is 100% relevant.

Create a few boards that are to do with your business such as, product boards or event boards. This will give your followers an insight into what your business does.

Rich Pins

These types of pins help give users a larger insight into relevant information about the pins that interest them. Rich Pins are basically Pinterest's version of 'rich snippets'. Don’t know what a rich snippet is? Well, a rich snippet is basically a HTML markup that adds extra detail to the text underneath the URL within a search result.

There are 5 different types of Rich Pins that you can use within your marketing.

Product Pins – These let you include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy information.

Article Pins – These pins include the headline, story description, author and link.

Recipe Pins – These include ingredients, serving information and cooking times.

Movie Pins – Include cast members, ratings and reviews.

Place Pins – Finally, these pins include an address, map and phone number.

Follow Other Businesses

To help your business build up an online reputation, start off by following some of the already successful businesses that are using Pinterest as a means of advertising! Like and comment on a few of their posts will also help boost your online presence. Take inspiration from their content to help you increase the quality of your posts.

Engagement with Followers

Like all social media sites, communication is key. If your followers and/or other users comment on your posts, make it your number one priority to comment back and let them know that you are there and active!

Use your Inspiration, be Creative!

Fill your boards up with interesting and creative imagery and facts to keep your followers engaged with your business! Create boards that you can pin inspiring images to to give your followers a diverse range of content.

Above all else, make sure your content is related to your boards and business subject, be creative and inspiring with what you post, and don’t be afraid to ask other users for their opinions!

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