But is Pinterest the right platform for my business? You may be wondering. Well, I have put together a brief list of benefits and ways to incorporate the platform into your marketing campaign to help you with your decision.

Build Relationships

Like with most social platforms, building relationships with your clientele is a breeze. Listen to what your audience wants and build up content that they will come back for over and over again. Post useful and creative imagery to grab your viewers' attention. Through the use of imagery, Pinterest will help you build a unique audience.

Boost Engagement

Your target audience are able to leave their thoughts as comments underneath each image you post, they are also able to 'pin' your content into boards they create within their account. This simple action will increase your business's potential reach tenfold!

Get Ideas Flowing

Pinterest isn't just about posting out content after content, no! Why not take a breather and do some exploring? Pinterest is full of many unique imagery and ideas to help get your creativity flowing. Take inspiration from other 'boards' that people have created similar to other products and services your business provides.

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More Inbound Links

With each image you post, Pinterest gives you the option to add a link leading the user, once they click your image, through to your website. Think of all the traffic you can gain from this simple task.

Discover More About Your Audience!

Engage with your audience and discover what it is they find interesting and what would help to intrigue them to take a gander at your services/products.


Pinterest is a great platform to incorporate into your marketing strategy if you are looking for a simple to use site to show off your products and services. The site also helps up your click through rate due to the option to embed your website links into your content, enticing curious users to find the source of the content.

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