I have listed a few tips below to help you edit the perfect images to show off your business. There is no need for you to apply every one of these tricks to your imagery, just one or two will really make your imagery stand out amongst the sea of content already flooding online.


If an image doesn’t turn out the way you'd hoped but the picture quality is still perfectly fine, don’t delete it, not just yet. Cropping the image will help to give it a new lease of life! Simply try cropping the image in a few different ways to help bring out the focal point of different scenes/objects within the photo.

Adjust Levels

A simple click of a few sliders will help to bring out a varied amount of colour which may have been unseen before. Use this tool to bring out the very best colour and tone quality within your photos and help make the focal point really stand out amongst the rest.


Just like with adjusting the levels of the images, increasing or decreasing the levels of saturation within the photo can help change the mood and feel of the image. Try to stay clear of shooting the saturation all the way up or down even know this might be tempting, as too much of something is not always a good thing. Even a little change in saturation can be enough to make those colours pop!


Help to define the subtle tones within your imagery and to take away the unwanted digital noise with a quick slide from the sharpening tool. Simple and subtle yet it helps to create well-rounded imagery!

Black & White

Rather drastic effects can be achieved from this rather simple effect! Show off shadows and tones with a black & white effect to help mix up the mood and give your audience a change of scenery from always seeing bright and vibrant images. In simple terms, mono can look magic!


No matter what the image, you can always spruce it up with a few simple editing tricks and create something which your competitors can be envious of. Varying up the style of shots you use within your business's content can really help to create character within your brand and keep your audience interested and to keep coming back for more!

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