I have put together a few tips to help your business make the most out of your videos and achieve higher views.

Titles and Tagging

The title of your video is essential as it is one of the first things which your audience will see. Make sure the title fully relates to the video's content and catches the eyes of other users!

Titles and tags are both important with your videos search visibility. Make sure you use keywords related to your business and video to make it easier for users to find your content. For example, if your video is a cake tutorial you would use keywords such as cake decorating or baking tutorial.

YouTube no longer rates videos on views, instead, the platform judges each video on its total 'Watch Time'. Watch Time is basically YouTube's bounce rate – how long a user spends watching each video. If a user stumbles upon your video from a misleading tag or title, chances are that they will click off your video almost immediately. This will not help your Watch Time at all!

Call to Action

Having a strong call to action within your video annotations and/or description, is key to improving user engagement and viewership!

Tip: Make sure you use annotations correctly such as putting them at the end or very beginning of a video as the user may find them annoying while they try to watch your video.

Annotations not only help users stay on the page, but they help keep them on the platform itself. They also remind people to keep watching and to share your video!

Example of video annotations

YouTube video annotations | Social Media Experts Doncaster


Creating playlists to categorise your uploaded videos will help improve your Watch Time. At the end of each playlisted video, YouTube will automatically play the next video in the queue. This will, therefore, help to increase your time-on-site and time-on-page metrics!


This step is simple if your content isn't relevant to your business or quality content, then gaining naturally generate good views and drive traffic to your channel.


It is almost impossible to guess whether your videos will go viral, but if you keep in mind the above steps then you can definitely increase your chances!

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