Browsing all of the social media sites may make you feel more connected to the world and people around you, but is that really true? According to Steven Strogatz at Cornell University, social media sites can make it difficult for people to distinguish between meaningful relationships in the real world, over the virtual ones we create. By focusing so much time on the usually less meaningful relationships we form online, he fears that our most important connections we have with people in the real world living beside us, will weaken...

Another negative effect, and one that we are all aware of is Cyber-Bullying! Bullying in real life is more or less depending on the situation, much easier to resolve. Cyber bullying, on the other hand, is much harder to solve and hard to find out the culprit behind the bullying. Via the use of social media, bullies can hide behind a false sense of identity by creating fake accounts. Because the person who is doing the bullying might not be who they say they are, there is no telling who might actually be the culprit. The devastation this form of bullying can cause can end up leaving deep mental scars. According to a 2010 CBS news report, cyber-bullying has spread vastly among the younger generation, with 42% reporting that they have been victims at some point in their lives.

Social media is also seen as being a huge distraction. While many businesses use social media to help advertise their presence online, many would agree that the networking sites prove to be great distractions to employees who may show more interest in what their friends are posting, over their work. Nuclleus Research reported that Facebook roughly decreases productivity within the office by 1.5%.

Our private lives are also being intruded by social media. Many of us tend to ignore the filters we might normally employ when talking about our private lives and just post anything. The things we post remain available indefinitely.

Just remember that social media might be a perfect method for promoting your business and gaining valued customers, but what you post could affect your business. Make sure that you only post relevant content that is suitable and aimed at your target audience!

Social media isn't all bad as it has many positive factors. As long as we are careful with what information we share and are sensible with its use, social media can have big benefits to those who use it correctly.

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August 14, 2017


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