With each 15 second clip,'s users can express themselves via the use of music, images and video clips. The app provides the music, you provide the creativity!

If you are planning on marketing your business digitally why not consider adding to your action plan to help increase the potential reach of your brand across a unique variety of platforms.

Below I have put together my brief opinion on that will help improve your business's reach. shows | Institution Marketing Doncaster

Why is it such a big deal?

Most of the best social media platforms succeed by creating a strong community. And this is just what does! Teens and other users use the app to express themselves, building strong connections with the community and to find confidence in their creations.

By giving its users the power to create their own short music videos and image slideshows whilst getting them to indulge into a vast community, is becoming a popular social media for the younger generation.

Through showing their love of music each of this social platforms growing audience gets the chance to let people see a short 15 seconds into their daily lives...

How Can Help my Business?

And now we get to the biggest question of them all, how can this platform help my business? Simply put, is a fun and engaging way to appeal to your audience. The goal when using is to create something fun and show a different side of your team and business, show them what goes on within the enclosed walls of the building.

It may not be as big as other high rating social medias, but brings a unique way to engage with your customers and audience.

How to use

One of the main aspects you can focus on whilst posting content on this social platform is to give your audience an insight to the ins and outs of your business. Why not show them a short clip regarding how a certain product is made or how your team works together.

Another possible focus could be promotions. Show your audience a brief clip of something new your business is working on or any upcoming events you might be visiting.

Summary may be a smaller social media platform, but it is vastly becoming popular amongst the younger generation and is perfect for businesses trying to promote to a younger audience.

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