And this week, Twitter has published a new, easy to follow checklist on how to create more resonant Twitter video content.

So, with that said here are 5 quick tips on how to maximise your Twitter Video Content:

Hook the Audience – Build an intriguing set up or dynamic set of actions to hook the viewer in the first few seconds. So, what is a hook? Here are some ideas.

An intriguing set up
Close up shot
On screen graphic that sparks curiosity
Quick movement or action

Tell a Story – Focus on setting up a problem that gets resolved in the end. You have to make sure your sequence of events are easy for viewers to follow.

Flash that Logo – Feature your brand logo or product at the beginning of your video to drive brand association from the start.

Feature People – Consumers are naturally drawn to human faces, including people in the first few frames has been proven to significantly increase view rates and drive 2x higher retention.

Include Captions – With 93% of Twitter videos being viewed on mobile devices its important to have a sound off viewing strategy. Think of the moment you’re commuting or waiting in line at the coffee shop and don’t have your earbuds in. use captions and visual cues to pull the viewer through the video and make it easier to process.

This is a good reference point for social video, which largely extends beyond Twitter, and it includes actionable points, as opposed to vague “create good content” type prompts.

A summary of the key notes
Feature your logo at the start to drive brand association
Including people in the opening frames of a video has been shown to drive higher retention
Focus on telling a whole story
Utilise a “sound off” strategy to maximise viewership

Twitter’s also included some examples of how brands re using these tips, helping to further underline their practical application. All the data definitely suggests that a video is an effective option for Twitter, with some unique elements specific to Twitter’s short format that you also need to keep in mind.

So, that was my blog on why you should maximise your Twitter Video Content, I hope this was informative and you learnt something.

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